Parkway Plant Sales bring Traker mini dumpers to the EHS

Designed to be long-lasting machines, C&F mini dumpers stand out for technical solutions and design features generally adopted on bigger and expensive machines. Parkway Plant Sales will be bringing the range to the Executive Hire Show at the Ricoh Arena on 6 & 7 February on stand number K56

‘Traker’ is the ideal solution to move and to handle any type of material, especially on construction sites and locations with narrow or difficult access.

The Traker Mini dumper range includes three models divided by capacity, from 600 kg to 1500 kg, in over 30 different combinations of equipment and engine.

The machine is the perfect multi-tool machine, designed for use on construction sites or in limited accessible areas where wheeled dumpers move with difficulty.

All mini dumpers feature rocking rollers to assist carrying any material on any kind of uneven surfaces, or in strong front and side sloping conditions such as hilly, mountainous areas, always guaranteeing maximum stability and safety.

Performance, driving quality and reliability are the three focal points which the design of these machines is based on.

The entire range is developed to guarantee power, movement control and agility, in the smallest-sized products. Thanks to investments in research and innovation, starting from T85 model, all dumpers from 800 kg to 1500 kg capacity are equipped with a mono-joystick with hydraulic control, dedicated to machine translation and rotation. Unique of its kind, this system ensures precise movements , low consumption and short travel times, never overlooking machine performances.

Traker T60 Hi Tip Dumper

At only 680mm side the T60 Mini Dumper can feature a Diesel or Petrol engine and a three-stage hydraulic power ensure to T60 mini dumper can carry up to 600 kg loads. The ideal machine to be used in construction sites, landscaping, agriculture or garden design.

Traker T85 High Tip Dumper

Unique of its kind, T85 mini dumper has performances and features like no other. It's never been easier to carry upto 800 kg of material. A double variable displacement pump with mono joystick

hydraulic control makes this machine powerful and easy to-use, reducing consumption and eliminating maintenance. It's the ideal dumper for high-duty activities and rental fleets.

Traker T150 High Tip Dumper

The T150 are the ultimate multi-tool machine that features a unique conical coupling system for easy exchange of attachments in just a few minutes. Capable of carrying loads of up to 1500KG and only 960mm wide. The T150 is designed for heavy duty use, high workload applications. The mono joystick guarantees precise accurate machine movements, coupled with powerful Yanmar 3-Cylinder Engine and 3 rocking rollers the T150 High-Tip is capable of travelling over all terrains.

Swing by the Parkway Plant Sales stand K56 at the Executive Hire Show to check out the full range of Traker Dumpers.