Professional lighting products from NightSearcher

NightSearcher first exhibited at the EHS this year- after a successful inaugural show the company will be returning to the Executive Hire Show once again on 7th & 8th February 2018 at the Ricoh Arena Coventry.

In 1989 Colin Howard, managing director, began manufacturing NightSearcher products, designing and specialising in rechargeable lighting solutions. These products were specifically supplied to the uniform and industrial markets, where NightSearcher has developed a high reputation.
According to NightSearcher the company make the most powerful portable LED floodlight in the world, which it reports that the product completely replaces inefficient halogen based lights operating off generators.

Many of the products found in the NightSearcher range are both portable and wireless, eliminating the need for trailing cables, extra weight, excess heat along with emissions and pollution which would be found in generator powered lighting. The rise in popularity of LED products also saves both energy and maintenance costs over the long run.
The flagship product in NightSearcher's portable floodlight range is the Megastar, offering a viable alternative to the traditional generator powered lighting. The included tubes offer cool running with glare free operation, making these units ideal for sports pitches at night, along with highway maintenance and on temporary sites. No pollution is emitted, and no noise is made, perfect for numerous applications.

For inspection jobs and for security personnel, NightSearcher's range of torches, searchlights and flashlights meet every demand possible, numerous size torches are available depending on the size of the task at hand. The Pioneer is an ideal torch in the event of an emergency. It is lightweight and compact (fitting into the pocket) and has a variety of modes including flashlight to startle any intruders.

While the Pioneer is the smallest, this is in stark contrast to the Magnum, whose hefty 1080 lumen output will offer a 500 metre beam in the convenience of a handheld searchlight. This model uses the latest CREE Xlamp technology to produce an impressive light output.

Many of the company’s products are now exported to countries throughout the world. NightSearcher is registered to ISO 9001:2000 standard and have products listed with NATO stock codes.

Visit NightSearcher at the EHS 2018. Registration to the EHS 2018 is now open – and it’s free!