New Era Oil showcase Fuelshot two-stroke oil at the EHS


Established in 1919, New Era was formerly a distributor for only industrial and automotive lubricants. Over almost 100 years, the company's range of products has extended to the supply of Red Diesel and Kerosene, and oils & lubricants for commercial, plant, machinery, agricultural and marine applications.

At the Executive Hire Show (6-7 February 2019, Ricoh Arena, Coventry) New Era will be showcasing  - Fuelshot which is a high performance, semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil, which rather than being in a plastic bottle, Fuelshot is a 100ml sachet which the company say is easily disposable and reduces plastic landfill waste - contributing towards reducing single use plastics.

About Fuelshot:

Fuelshot is 100ml of semi-synthetic two-stroke oil that treats 5l of petrol to give a 50:1 mic. This oil is ideally suited for medium to high output two-stroke engines. Fuelshot is designed to lubricate air cooled, medium to high output two-stroke engines in landscaping and petrol-powered tools.

Benefits of the fuel shot include:

• Ultra-low smoke formulation
• Protection against piston/cylinder scuffing
• Prevents pre ignition and power loss by reducing unwanted combustion chamber deposits
• Meets the requirements of JASO FD
• Reduced exhaust blockage contaminants
• High film strength for engine protection
• Reducing landfill with less plastic waste

New Era Oil will be on stand D14 at the Executive Hire Show 6-7 February Ricoh Arena, Coventry. Visit for more details.