Today's the time to shine for Morris Site Machinery’s new lighting towers

Coventry UK (6th February 2019) Morris Site Machinery has launched two new lighting products as it marks the 25th anniversary of its SMC brand at the 2019 Executive Hire Show.

The SMC TL90 Evolve - the next generation SMC TL90 lighting tower - and the SMC TL60 Solar Trolley, are the latest innovations from the company’s pioneering engineering team.

The SMC TL90 Evolve offers all the functionality of the current market leading SMC TL90 but with a new ergonomic design, more compact appearance and three lamp head options. It can be fitted with the standard four LED head, the ground-breaking Halo lamp head or a six LED head making it the brightest mobile lighting tower in the UK.

The six head Evolve+ has a crisp light output of 217,500 lumens and is super silent at just 60dB(A) from 7m. The standard four head TL90 Evolve has a run time of 185 hours.

Renewable energy will be spotlighted with the launch of the compact SMC TL60 Solar Trolley. Totally solar powered, the energy efficient and easily deployable unit produces zero noise and zero emissions.

The TL60 Solar Trolley can fit on a standard 500kg tail lift while the total weight of 230kg allows excellent manoeuvrability. Its dusk ‘til dawn sensor provides light when needed, saving battery power and removing the necessity for manual switching on and off. The unit is available with different LED floodlight arrangements including dimmable lights, auto-timer and PIR control.

Richard Denholm, UK Sales Director, said: “We are constantly looking at how we can improve our products to ensure we’re delivering the brightest and best machines, which deliver value for customers. We’re excited to be debuting these two additions to our range of lighting towers.”

The SL80 Pallet, a super silent, static eight metre mast lighting tower will also be on the display. It is highly transportable and compact enabling 22 units to be loaded onto a 40ft trailer.

The Denyo Eventa 20KVA diesel generator, perfect for sites where noise must be kept to a minimum, will be on show. It has an ultra-silent operation at just 55dB(A) @ 7m with 26 hours of uninterrupted operation

Completing the line-up will be a Hilta Sprite D5 pump, a Hilta trolley bowser and an ArcGen Welder, illustrating the range of site machinery the company supplies.

The UK’s manufacturer of lighting towers has a momentous year ahead as part of a fifth-generation family owned and run business group, Morris and Company, which celebrates its 150th birthday in 2019.