Mecalac to unveil site dumper with safety-critical fixed canopy at EHS 2020

According to statistics from the HSE, construction vehicles are responsible for more than 250 serious injuries every week in the UK.* Between June 2016 and July 2017, site dumpers alone were responsible for eight deaths and 127 personal injury claims.**

As a global leader in compact construction equipment design and manufacture, Mecalac is committed to setting new standards in on-site safety. In 2017, the company launched a comprehensive portfolio of cabbed site dumpers, which are now operational on construction sites worldwide. Its next-generation Shield safety packs, which were launched less than 12 months later, are now included as standard on all Mecalac ROPS units.

For 2020, Mecalac has brought yet another safety-critical site dumper innovation to market. Developed to meet the highest levels of on-site operator safety at an extremely attractive price point, the MDX Canopy is a true market disruptor. Set to be unveiled for the first time on stand G20 at this year’s Executive Hire Show, the first-to-market site dumper with protective canopy aims to bridge the gap between ROPS and cabbed models – ideal for the rental sector.

Based on Mecalac’s MDX cabbed dumper, the MDX Canopy removes the rear and sides of the cab to leave the windscreen and roof as an open-air canopy. Offering the highest levels of protection in the event of a rollover, operators benefit from exceptional visibility, comfort and performance.

Available initially in six and nine-tonne payloads, each model pairs stylish aesthetics with impressive operator functionality. Unparalleled integration of the canopy within the ground-up design minimises noise and vibration.

The six-tonne MDX Canopy delivers outstanding manoeuvrability and a high top speed for improved productivity. The nine-tonne variant offers similarly impressive statistics, with a narrow body width for effective operation in tight spaces and tall operating height for best-in-class visibility and ground clearance.

Both models adopt a highly-efficient 3.4L, 55kw Perkins 854 IIIB-compliant engine. DPF exhaust after-treatment (with passive regeneration) ensures adherence to international emissions standards, while next-generation Power Brakes, driven by the main hydraulic system, deliver significant improvement in pedal feel and braking effort.

While operator comfort is prioritised through easy-access controls, optional air conditioning and an all-new dashboard design, industry-leading safety credentials ensure the MDX Canopy stands out from the crowd.

High-visibility access steps ensure safe entry and exit for operators, while flashing green seatbelt beacons, LED work lights and protected taillights ensure each model is both visible on site and suitable for both day and night operation.

As with the six and nine-tonne Mecalac ROPS and MDX portfolios, the MDX Canopy is fitted with Shield technology as standard packs to further enhance site dumper safety for operators nationwide.

Shield – Shield is Mecalac’s first-stage technology upgrade pack. Key features include:

• Start and drive interlock
• Seatbelt/handbrake/service warnings
• Speedometer
• Fuel loss warning
• Speed limiter (factory set)
• Idle shut-off
• Stop/Start Control™
• Park brake test

Shield PRO – Building on entry-level features, Mecalac’s Shield PRO upgrade pack adds:

• Skip interlock
• Tilt limit
• Rollover lockout
• Custom speed limiter and idle shut-off (via Bluetooth, iPad or Android tablet)

Mecalac’s Hazard Detection and Capture Telematics packages can also be specified for the MDX Canopy. For more information, visit or see the model on stand G20 at the 2020 Executive Hire Show.