Skyjack showcases innovative and sustainable lift solutions at the EHS Show

Discover Skyjack's latest vertical mast and electric scissor lifts, emphasising sustainability and efficiency.

For over a decade, Skyjack's electric scissor lifts have been acknowledged as a benchmark in the industry. These electrically powered, DC-operated lifts provide a silent, compact solution with no emissions. Designed for versatility, they are ideal for navigating tight spaces in both indoor and outdoor settings. Skyjack's lifts are well-suited for diverse applications, including construction, maintenance, and various industrial tasks

Skyjack has established itself as an industry leader through its dedication to combining durability, quality, and serviceability in its machinery, earning a global reputation for product reliability. The team prioritizes maximum uptime, designing equipment to facilitate this goal. All critical service points are conveniently accessible, simplifying troubleshooting and repairs. Moreover, major components are housed within individual swing-out steel cabinets for both protection and easy access.

Depending on the model, Skyjack machines feature either front or rear-wheel hydraulic drive, ensuring outstanding performance and maneuverability on job sites. Their capacity for up to 25% gradeability enhances the safety and ease of loading and transportation.

The robust all-steel construction includes a permanently anti-slip checker plate floor. A manual roll-out extension deck is incorporated to expand the working area and offer up-and-over capability. The modular platform rails are designed for easy folding, reducing the stowed height for transport and allowing passage through standard doorways. Additionally, the self-closing half gate enables straightforward platform entry.

Skyjack's Next Generation Vertical Mast Lifts are recognized for their quiet operation, versatility, and zero emissions. The new models, including the SJ12 E, SJ16 E, and SJ20 E, feature an innovative mast design, AC electric drive, the ability to drive at full height, and fewer hydraulic connection points, resulting in a significantly enhanced duty cycle. These lifts are known for their exceptional maneuverability and unique traversing platform, making them suitable for a wide array of indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance, and industrial tasks.

The updated mast design of these lifts improves rigidity, incorporating a multi-stage hydraulic cylinder and an inverted multi-section mast with overlaps. The telescopic mast is positioned at the rear, ensuring an unobstructed view from the front-facing control box and moving the steering wheels away from the mast for superior maneuverability with zero inside steering radius.

Designed with rental and maximum uptime in mind, the mast is devoid of chains, sheaves, or bushings, reducing maintenance needs. Skyjack's standard color-coded and numbered wiring system, Skycoded, simplifies maintenance further, while onboard diagnostics provide real-time, easy-to-understand fault readouts. All components are housed within the base, with a maintenance hatch offering unrestricted access to all major components and batteries. The commonality of components across the mast range enhances serviceability and maintenance ease.

In response to the growing demand for sustainability, Skyjack introduced its ECO mark, showcasing products that excel in environmental performance and sustainability. The ECO benefits of Skyjack’s next-generation vertical masts include a 15% operational carbon saving compared to the previous model, up to 30% improvement in duty cycle, zero emissions, 90% recyclable materials by weight, 70% fewer hydraulic connections, less than 70 dB noise level for quiet operation, and telematics for remote diagnostics that reduce site visits and the operational carbon footprint.

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