Postpullers at EHS 2022 with new 'updated' range

EHS 2022 will see Postpullers(UK)Ltd showing off the company's brand new MK 2 versions of its multi-award-winning Barrier Master and Fence Master ranges.

Barrier Master has proved to be a game-changer for highways post-extraction, both in terms of safety and productivity, winning numerous highways industry awards.

Barrier Master can remove VRS posts, lighting columns, etc. complete with up to 1.5m diameter concrete foundations with a force of 15 tonnes. All Manual handling of posts has been eliminated as has the danger of ejected parts should a post-snap whilst being removed as can happen with traditional methods.

Fence Master has seen the launch of a Mk 2 version which has been redesigned to make it, even more, user-friendly and easy to maintain. Fence Master removes fence posts complete with concrete foundations in under a minute and boasts an impressive 4 tonnes of pulling power. This machine makes fencing so much easier as the removal of the old posts and foundations now takes just a minute and all the back-breaking digging work is a thing of the past. Even if the post is broken Fence Master can still remove the concrete foundation without a spade in sight.

Postpullers say, that "These are robust hire tools with excellent ROI and lifespan due to their unique, patented design and their exceptional work rate, making them indispensable on-site."

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