MHM unveils innovative Mobile Solar Station-2400W

A leap forward in sustainable power solutions for the UK and Irish markets

The launch of MHM's Mobile Solar Station-2400W at the Executive Hire Show marks a significant advancement in sustainable energy solutions within the UK and Irish rental markets. This product, with its six 400W solar panels and electrically controlled inclination angles ranging from 30° to 75°, showcases a commitment to optimizing energy capture and efficiency. Designed for mobility and ease of setup, it includes forklift pockets and stabilizers, a solar battery charger, and fast connectors for combining units. Its compact form allows for the transportation of nine units per 40ft truck, offering a substantial power output of 21,600W and an average daily output of 10.5 KWh.

MHM, rooted in Britain with its manufacturing in Italy, showcases a mix of global skill and local insight. Since starting in 2010, MHM has become known for supplying solar-hybrid generators, power equipment, fluid storage, and lighting towers. Their partnership with the Trime Group highlights a commitment to the environment, incorporating hybrid tech, LED lights, solar power, and low-emission engines into their products.

The MHM team, experienced in the field, focuses on using renewable energy. This focus is in line with current environmental standards and drives MHM's goal of a more sustainable future. With the Mobile Solar Station-2400W, MHM shows its role in promoting sustainable energy solutions and its ongoing effort towards better environmental practices.

The Executive Hire Show is an essential event for anyone in the tool, equipment, and plant hire industry in the UK, offering a wealth of opportunities for business development, learning, and networking.

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