Integritex Europe bring the Baselight range to the Executive Hire Show

The Swedish-made ‘Baselight Range’ is available exclusively in the UK from Integritex Europe based in Oxfordshire. The company is coming to the EHS for the first time this year.

The Baselight family of Portable LED Light Towers are arguably the most advanced in their class. They are specifically designed to challenge the old traditional heavyweight towers with an ‘easy to transport’ alternative weighing 11 to 47 kg instead of 1000 kg. or even more.

Ultra-low energy usage and very Portable, but offering huge LED output illumination and saving £000’s in significantly improved logistical efficiencies. 

From the first original model BL420x introduced in 2017, which provides ‘half a football pitch of light’ the Baselight family has grown to include:

BL112 (3.5kg 16k lumen), BL220 (11kg 45k lumen) , BL320x (33kg 45k lumen), & BL600mx (47kg 95k lumen), plus Military Models. At the EHS Integritex will show the increasingly popular 47kg BL600mx.

For those who require a ‘powered mast,’ the BL600mx can be seen on our stand. This model offers huge levels of illumination with dimming capability from 95,000 lumens maximum circa 700W down to 20W. A fully automatic mast enjoys a phone app Wi-Fi control option.

This includes a timer, wind-sensor, dimmer, and, of course, raise and lowering of the mast which, significantly for the hire sector is proving to be an extremely reliable, ‘maintenance-free mast’ using non-hydraulic push-chain technology.

All models are ‘plug and play’ and can be powered up using 110v or 230v supply. For off-grid applications, there is a 110v AC 17kg 2000 kWh LI Battery that has an IP66 rating.

For the ‘Surveillance Sector,’ we offer a mast-mounted 4G Camera System with ‘live stream’ to phone/pc including speaker/klaxon feature. Rapidly deployable for ‘incidents’ or to assist with H & S on a site. Motion detection and Night Vision capabilities.

Integritex look forward to discussing the big-picture including present overhead £-cost savings but with no compromise of light-output and realistically helping your company achieve sustainability targets.

Put the 9th and 10th February in your diary and we'll see you at the Coventry Building Society Arena (formerly the Ricoh).  Registration is now open and it's free - click here... 

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