Hirehop Equipment Rental software adds new features and is promoting new offices overseas

Hirehop Equipment Rental software opens offices in Australia & South Africa & adds new additional extra features to its software.

HireHop, the cloud equipment rental software, has been expanding rapidly, and just opened agent offices in Australia (www.hirehop.com.au) and in Durban, South Africa (www.hirehop.co.za).

Due to the ever-increasing number of HireHop users in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, it was felt that it was a necessity for HireHop to better serve their users by opening local offices to provide support, implementation, training, etc.

As cloud software is the future, with blue-chip companies all over the world migrating to the cloud, HireHop’s cloud equipment rental software has been the obvious way forward for many companies of all sizes, not just due to it being in the cloud, but also due to its functionality, ease of use, free support and affordability.

Being in the cloud means that updates are free, no installation is required (accessible on any device using a browser like Chrome, Safari, etc.), there are no maintenance or startup fees, and of course, it is readily available anywhere in the world on any device, like a PC, iPad, Mac, phone, etc.

Since its release, HireHop has grown in popularity at a meteoric rate, with not just large rental companies moving to HireHop, but also smaller ones, as HireHop also offers a free for life version, perfect for small startups to help them grow their business because when starting up, every penny counts and companies should use software that they can grow into and not grow out of.

HireHop can be contacted in Australia at www.hirehop.com.au (+61 1300 010 733) and in South Africa at www.hirehop.co.za (+27 31 580 2300).

New Deposit Feature
HireHop has also released a new deposit feature, allowing not only the recording of security deposits, but it also allows the deposit to be refunded or used as a payment towards an invoice. HireHop also sends the deposit transaction to your accounting software (currently being Sage 50, Sage Business Cloud, QuickBooks and Xero), adding even more seamless integration between accounting software and HireHop.

New Custom Fields Feature
HireHop has added the ability for users of the software to add their own custom fields to jobs, projects, stock, etc. This enables additional data to be stored that is specific to your company. The custom fields can be of varying types, from dates, text, drop-down lists, links, etc., all of which can be printed easily in documents.

Brief History
HireHop was originally launched in 2016 in the UK to offer future proof, powerful and affordable equipment rental software to hire companies all over the world, and in that short space of time, it has attracted numerous large and small companies to its user base, due to the numerous unique benefits it has to offer.

HireHop was built by people from the hire and rental industry who wanted to offer the industry that had served them well, an affordable, powerful and modern future proof system, that can work for the users’ needs, rather than forcing them to adopt new working practices, giving users more time and money to invest in their companies.

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