DyMac UK launch two new 'green' products at the EHS

In line with Dymac's mission “To design products that Harvest Clean Energy minimizing its impact on the environment”

DyMac United Kingdom launches the environment-friendly lighting System – Falcon Solar Light 201 which is a compact and powerful portable solar lighting tower featuring 4 LED lamps. The innovative solar panel and trailer design make the FSL – 201 easy to transport and set up without taking up valuable space.

The product with its ideal characteristics of 0% - Noise, Fuel, and Emissions provides bright light covering up to 2400 SQM. It consists of powerful solar panels with maximum power output and long-life span over the years. Falcon Solar Light 201 Is backed up with a Stand- By 1KW Gasoline for backup lighting.

DyMac UK also announces the unveiling of its all-in-one Condor Energy Pod 401. The next Generation clean energy-producing generator will be featured exclusively at the Executive Hire Exhibition. The unit stands out with its unique eco-smart features, utilising four sources of renewable power in one unit consisting of Wind Technology, Solar Technology, Battery storage and renewable fuel-driven on board 24kw generator.

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