DyMac renewable innovation unveiled

Solar Energy Frame SEF-248 at the Executive Hire Show

The Solar Energy Frame SEF-248, a cutting-edge plug-n-play solar panel system that seamlessly integrates with the Condor Micro power grid and the Lynx Battery energy storage system, will be showcased at the Executive Hire Show. Designed for easy installation on the roofs of office cabins, these frames are crafted to capture and utilize renewable energy, directing clean power to where it's needed most.

At the Executive Hire Show, attendees will have the unique opportunity to experience the Solar Energy Frame SEF-248 firsthand, along with the latest additions to the company's portfolio of fuel storage and renewable energy products. These offerings will be prominently featured on the DyMac stand A20 & NPP2/3, where visitors can explore the practical applications and benefits of the company's renewable solutions. Visit www.executivehireshow.co.uk and register now for your free fast-track entry tickets to the event.

The EHS is taking place at the Coventry Building Society Arena on February 14th and 15th

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