Armorgard's latest innovation debuts at the EHS

Introducing VoltHub, a world-first solution to charging li-ion batteries safely

In a significant advancement for battery charging safety, Armorgard has introduced a state-of-the-art control system for lithium-ion batteries - VoltHub. Designed to counteract temperature-related hazards, this system automatically halts power to the charging lockers if the internal temperature surpasses the critical threshold of 60 degrees Celsius. The built-in fan will persist in operation to cool the environment, resuming the charging process once a safe temperature is re-established.

VoltHub's proactive approach to temperature management is further evidenced by its internal fan, which activates at 20 degrees Celsius. This mechanism ensures that the charging environment remains within optimal temperature parameters, which prevents overheating.

The system addresses the risks associated with low temperatures. Lithium-ion batteries, if exposed to conditions below 0 degrees Celsius, are at risk of damage. To mitigate this, VoltHub's technology includes a heater that elevates the internal temperature, enhancing charging efficiency in colder environments.

The system also features an isolator switch, allowing for manual on/off control. However, the core internal control systems operate autonomously, ensuring consistent and safe battery management.

A critical aspect of VoltHub's design is its safety features. Despite the unit's power status, the fire suppression system, alarm, smoke detector, and GSM text alert system remain operational. This continuous functionality guarantees a secure storage environment for the batteries, prioritizing safety even in power-off scenarios.

Overall, VoltHub's innovative approach marks a significant step forward in ensuring the safe and efficient charging of lithium-ion batteries, reflecting a commitment to advanced technology and user safety.

"An all-in-one, indoor and outdoor use IP-rated unit that constantly and proactively keeps fire risks at bay, and dramatically reduces the consequences of a battery fire breakout.

With built-for-purpose features to care for batteries, the unit always keeps them charged under optimal conditions, lowering the risk of fire to begin with."

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