Airstar Sirocco Redtech Range: a game-changer in Safety lighting

Night work requires powerful light to improve visibility and keep workers safe. In this very specific market of Safety lighting, there is a well-known product recognized by all the major road construction companies, who are looking for a high-end lighting solution: the Sirocco balloon lights.

After 3 years of intense R&D efforts, Airstar is proud to announce the launch of a new range of Sirocco: The Redtech. These lighting balloons are a real game-changer. They have the highest light output (from 33,000 lumens up to 132,000 lumens), the lowest power consumption, are the most cost-effective and physically the lightest.

For instance, our powerful Sirocco 1300 Redtech puts out 132,000 lumens, lights up an area of 6,500m² (69,965ft²) for less than 10kg (22lbs)! On its stand, which goes up to 5m (18ft), you turn night into day!

The brand-new light engine has been totally re-designed and benefits from the latest and reliable LED technologies. It now offers the ability to drive the light with an application for smartphones. Users can dim the light, apply lighting effects such as beacon or pulse and switch on and off up to 250 balloons at the same time thanks to a Bluetooth connexion.

Fully certified, the Redtech range currently consists of 4 M size lighting balloons, but our teams are already working on S, L and XL size versions of the series! Until the next launches in 2022 and 2023, our battery-operated (S range) and lighting tower (L range) products are still available.

While these products take advantage of recent innovations, Airstar has not neglected the basics of the Sirocco, that have made them so successful throughout the world: fully certified, set-up in 2 minutes, plug&play, day light without glare or shadow, 360° multi-directional light.

Whether used for presence lighting, signalling, paving, milling or site lighting, Airstar Sirocco lighting balloons always meet the expectations of the most demanding customers!

What is a lighting balloon?

It is an LED light engine, protected by an inflated envelope made of technical textile, mounted on a stand or on a truck.

Resistant to intensive use, rain, wind and dust, the envelope provides a homogeneous diffusion of light, at 360°, glare-free and without cast shadow. The lighting of the area is progressive, gradually diminishing as you move away from the light source. This type of equipment provides better visibility of the immediate area of intervention and its surroundings, as well as a very good perception of the relief on uneven ground.

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