Robert Thomson's November update

he has not been able to go out and visit hirers, but he is keeping in regular touch with them by phone and email.

However, thanks to our friend from Belle Engineering, Scott Herne, who was visiting Webster Power Products in Wishaw, he kindly collected Robert from home and took him along, he was able to share an update of his visit!

Robert spoke at length to Murray Webster about the recent Glasgow Roadshow, where Murray made several purchases including, a 1 tonne high-tip dumper form Belle and a Barreto Tiller from HSC and he was saying, how important it is to keep up with new developments in our ever changing industry. Hence why in February, despite the distance involved, Murray has said that it is important to attend, because this is the only time you have so many suppliers, concentrated in one space. Also, it is an opportunity to meet some of them face to face and partake, in the 'Show only deals' which are such an important part of the event for both, suppliers and customers. The current climate means that it is important to stay ahead of the situation and then ability to, speak to fellow hirers from all over the Country, colleagues and suppliers, face to face.

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