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Getting to know Point of Rental Software at the EHS

February 1, 2017

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Point of Rental Software exhibit at the Executive Hire Show for the first time.

Point of Rental Software, a newcomer to the European market with their acquisition and integration of Syrinx, offers 500+ years of combined staff experience in the hire industry within its offices to support its customers all around the world.

The organization say it is built on five key principles: honesty, integrity, dedication, responsibility, and transparency. These principles have guided Point of Rental as it expands its product line to serve more people, adds offices sharing the same values, and provides extraordinary customer support, from training new businesses to supporting long-term customers with onsite training or phone support.

In 2016, the company’s support team provided over 1 million minutes of direct phone support, ensuring Point of Rental customers ran efficiently and improved their businesses.

Point of Rental employees are consistently encouraged to develop new skills, and the programming team keeps their certifications up-to-date to ensure they’re providing customers the best product available in the hire industry.

Employees can take advantage of the company’s continuing education programme, which provides money for employees enhancing their job skills at a local university with night courses. The staff are also heavily involved in trade associations and attend learning conferences relevant to their jobs.

Investment in Point of Rental’s employees has helped the company grow from 20 employees just four years ago to more than 100 today, all while maintaining excellence standards.

When it comes to product development, in 2016, Point of Rental saw a need for a new ERP hire software. Businesses are currently using outdated UNIX-based products, and Point of Rental built Rental Elite, a customizable software built to handle the largest hire companies.

The company acquired UK based Syrinx, which has a similar track record of innovation and support; it is integrating European needs like operator hire apps into their products coming from America, where operator hire isn’t often used. The team uses agile programming to update their software often, ensuring customers are served with features they can’t get elsewhere.

In 2016, Rental Essentials added a Kiosk feature, dozens of integrations, and expanded their app to really become an integral part of a hire shop. Rental Expert added the first known Customer Rewards app, allowing companies to automatically calculate future percentage rewards for their customers.

They’ve also added blind- and double-blind scanning to the contract fulfillment app: Even if 30 customers come in and drop off equipment at the same time, with RFID technology and a scanner, the software can automatically assign equipment to the proper contract and return it.

Rental Elite, as mentioned above, was created as the newest ERP software of the hire industry, allowing large and innovative corporations customisable options to fit their specific infrastructure.

Syrinx, too, was updated, adding a Driver and Workbench app to help ensure everyone in the maintenance process had quick access to update equipment status. Driver even allows operators to clock in and out from a job site. All in all, Point of Rental Software’s 2016 additions keep its customers ahead of their competition with innovation and vigilant support.

You can also visit stand C125 at The Executive Hire Show to see all these products in action.

The Executive Hire Show takes place next week on 8th & 9th February 2017 at its established Ricoh arena home.  Registration is still open – and it’s FREE!