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Visa SpA launch new Generator Sets at the EHS

January 31, 2017

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The forthcoming Executive Hire Show will be one of the first exhibitions where Visa SpA will be revealing its new products.

Visa SpA is a leader in its field in the design and manufacture of diesel generator sets, operating for more than half a century, it offers a complete range from 9 to 2500 kVA, well-known for the high level of quality and reliability, that can be tailored to all kind of situations. Nearly 5000 generators roll off the production lines each year at the company’s modern new factory in Fontanelle, near Venice, in the North-Eastern Italy.

Exporting 90% of its production, Visa SpA provides energy solutions in more than 80 countries, focusing its attention on the ever-changing demands. A dynamic R&D team of engineers are constantly dedicated to projecting customized solutions and developing special projects for the more complex applications.

During the Show, Visa SpA will show a unit from the widely–recognized VMrange, for the construction and rental sectors

The company is working on major projects and innovative products that will be officially launched at a number of events and exhibitions during 2017. The forthcoming Executive Hire Show will be one of the first exhibitions where Visa SpA will be revealing its new products.

The products will be officially launched at the show – so the Visa SpA team have been sworn to secrecy!  However here are a few details which can be revealed regarding these products ahead of the event.

During the Show, Visa SpA will show a unit from the widely–recognized VMrange, for the construction and rental sectors. According to Visa Spa, the VM range represents a real innovation in the mobile applications sector, resulting from a strong commitment of R&D team of engineers. All Onis Visa products are designed to meet the industry’s toughest testing standards and grant optimum performance, durability and longevity to support all the specific rental market requirements – these include;

Stage IIIA engines, to reach the highest standards currently in force.

Low acoustic and CO2 emissions. The VM range has one of the best comparison between dimensions and level of acoustic emissions currently available in the rental sector.

Unique and flexible:  beside  the  standard  version  that  guarantees  a  high  quality  product combined with a short term delivery, customers can always count on customised applications as well, choosing among a wide array of accessories that allow the genset to adapt to many operational requirements (i.e. equipment, accessories, colours).

In addition, the new Dry Prime Motorpump range will be introduced. Building on the significant specialist knowledge acquired through the company’s lengthy experience in production diversification, Visa SpA is currently focusing its attention on construction equipment for dewatering and sewage, offering a complete series of dry prime pumps. This range represents the perfect mobile solution for transporting or draining water with abrasive solids in suspension, and can be used across a range of applications, such as construction and mine sites (for dewatering), floodwater and stream diversions, or for sewage removal in industrial and municipal environments.

Each Onis Visa generator set comes with the full support of highly qualified technicians who work side by side with customers through all stages of the project, from the early drafts and initial designs, right through to manufacturing, installation and commissioning. Customers can also always count on a prompt highly professional after-sale service, available 24/7, provided throughout the world.

To find out more, visit the official website at or, even better, drop by Visa SpA stand nr B16.  The company’s UK dealer Sutton Power Engineering will also be at the show.

The Executive Hire Show takes place on 8th & 9th February 2017 at its established Ricoh arena home.  Registration is open – and it’s FREE!