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Kubota Unveils New Compact U10-3 Side Lever Excavator at EHS Exhibition.

February 12, 2016

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Kubota showcased its new mini excavator on stand at this year’s Executive Hire Show exhibition at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena. Kubota say that this machine is a real game changer in the mini excavator market.

The Kubota U10-3 mini excavator now comes with optional side lever pilot controls, giving operators’, what it says is, the best-in-class operational comfort and functional capability, allowing for optimum productivity throughout the working day. The levers are mounted on foldable sidebars; meaning accessibility into to the operators’ station is not affected.

Kubota say that this machine is a real game changer in the mini excavator market.

The innovative Kubota U10-3 side lever model still holds all of the features of the standard U10-3, with zero-tail-swing providing the ideal solution for landscape construction in a tight space. Ultra-compact with walk through operator space, the U10-3 is complemented by enhanced operator protection and industry leading fuel efficiency from the Kubota D722 Ecological Three Vortex Combustion System (E-TVCS) engine.

 The two-speed travel pedal allows operators to switch between high and low speeds, making it easy for the user to work at their own pace whilst allowing for efficient travel of the 1120kg machine between onsite locations. The zero-tail swing and adjustable track gauge means the U10-3 can be used in the most constricted of spaces, down to just 750mm wide, making it suitable for small or large projects.

Sensitivity of hydraulic bucket operation is another key feature of the U-10, coupled with a 10.4kN maximum digging force, a 2980mm length and 2230mm height reach.

Richard Sayers, Kubota UK’s Construction senior dealer manager, stated: “At Kubota we don’t just strive to make our machines as productive, efficient and reliable as possible, but also firmly put the operator in the driving seat of our designs. Ergonomics is essential in the cab, and the side lever allows for optimum operator comfort that results in higher productivity levels.”


Machine stats:

Product: Kubota U10-3 side lever mini excavator

Max Dig Depth: 1800mm

Net weight: 1120kg

Engine: D722- BH6 (7.4/2050 kW/rpm)

Track width: 750-990mm

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