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See the new Big Ben Pulley on the Addex-Group stand at the EHS.

January 22, 2016

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See the new Big Ben Pulley on the Addex-Group stand at the EHS.

The Big Ben pulley is the latest innovative product from the Addex-Group. According to Addex this product is a world first and an exceptionally safe revolutionary alternative to the traditional Gin Wheel. It enables the safe raising and lowering of materials on site and has been developed with full co-operation and input from the scaffolding industry.

Loads of up to 50kg can be quickly raised with less effort and greater control, yet let go of the rope and the load will be gently arrested and lowered to the ground automatically at a rate of approximately 1.5m per second. What’s more, the descent can be stopped by simply applying the slightest touch to the rope. This not only eliminates risk, but completely removes all physical strain during the lowering process.

The Pulley comes with a 3 year warranty, is very simple to maintain and can be used with any 16-18mm braided rope or 18mm twisted polypropylene rope with a breaking strain of 1000kg.

All in all, say Addex,  this is a revolution in safety that is set to prevent injury and save lives.

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