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The FuelBox revolutionises Red Diesel Handling and Storage.

October 29, 2015

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New Era Oils is returning to the Executive Hire Show in 2016 (Stand E42 – The Fuelbox) ) following a hugely successful 2015 event where the company forged a number of alliances with key hire companies with The FuelBox.

Since its launch at the Executive Hire Show this year ‘The FuelBox’ , a product which contains 20 litres of Red Diesel with the 10+ additive system in a box, has exploded into the plant and tool sectors.  The revolutionary new product now boasts in excess of 240 stockists which includes 150 independent hire companies.

The FuelBox is a massive hit with hire companies - with over 240 stockists

The FuelBox is playing its part in helping the plant & tool industries in becoming more efficient – giving stockists of the product the confidence that their machines are being fuelled by the end user and has zero risk of contamination.

The FuelBox  is a new innovative, revolutionary way of handling and storing Red diesel which lowers users carbon footprint through the unique packaging, the box also contains the company’s exclusively developed additive ‘Gas Oil 10+’ system which enhances the performance of the red diesel and increases the shelf life of up to two years where standard red diesel will generally store for 3 to 4 months before a potential bacteria build up– the additive has lots of elements which cleans and protects your fuel giving your engine a boost in performance.

New Era Oils also has an exciting announcement to make with an extra benefit concerning The FuelBox – so watch this space for details!

Here are more of the benefits Of The FuelBox and The Gas Oil 10+ Additive:

• Reduces Carbon footprint

• Emergency back up

• A fast efficient, easy to handle, refuelling solution

• Glug free pouring system prevents unnecessary spillages

• Zero risk of contamination

• Reduce downtime by storing in your vehicle

• Improves storage stability (up-to 2 years)

• Improved cetane rating (boosts power)

• Improves combustion efficiency

• Improves fuel consumption

• Reduced visible emissions (smoke)

• Protects against wear in fuel pumps / injectors

• Enhances the performance of older engines

• Disperses existing sludge build-up

• Contains demulsifiers to combat water build-up

• Reduces deposit and varnish build-up

New Era Oils have been providing Red Diesel to its new and returning customers for over 90 years now. The company’s experience and commitment to the industry has secured its place as the UK’s fuel distributors of choice.

Executive Hire Show 2016 at the Ricoh Arena – 10th & 11th February.  Miss it and you’ll be missing out!