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New exhibitor Nightsearcher – Light Up at EHS

October 25, 2016

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Nightsearcher produce professional lighting products – the company will be at the Executive Hire Show for the first time in February 2017.

Nightsearcher NEW at the EHS

Through the company’s reputation for innovation, quality and reliability its product range has grown to meet the changing needs of its customers.

In 1989 Colin Howard, managing director, began manufacturing NightSearcher products, designing and specialising in rechargeable lighting solutions. These products were specifically supplied to the uniform and industrial markets, where NightSearcher has developed a high reputation.

The company’s in-house research and design department allows us to fully develop lighting products to suit any application.

According to Nightsearcher the company make the most powerful portable LED floodlight in the world, which it reports that the product completely replaces inefficient halogen based lights operating off generators.

NightSearchers continued success and gradual expansion is aided by the dynamic nature of health and safety requirements, coupled with the demands from both new and existing market sectors.

Its product range now includes carefully selected searchlights, hand-lamps, floodlights, flashlights, headtorches and lighting for hazardous locations.

Many of the company’s products are now exported to countries throughout the world. NightSearcher is registered to ISO 9001:2000 standard and have products listed with NATO stock codes.

You can see the Nightsearcher product range at the Executive Hire Show 2017 at the Ricoh Arena Coventry 8th & 9th February – Stand X38. Get the dates in the diary now – missing it – you’ll be missing out!

The Barrier Master range of attachments from Postpullers at the EHS

October 24, 2016

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The Barrier Master range of attachments from Postpullers (UK) makes light work of removing safety barrier posts. Operated entirely from the comfort and safety of the drivers cab and with absolutely no manual handing involved the Barrier Master range is a major step forward in worker safety.

The Barrier Master Range will be at the EHS 2017

Postpullers (UK) managing director, Stuart Archer said, “The Barrier Master range won the CIHT innovation award this year, and was a finalist in both the Construction news commercial innovation of the year award, and Highways magazine Product of the year award.  It has also been taken on board by Aone+ who are rolling out the use of Barrier Master across their network.”

Mr Archer added, “This patented product is designed and built in the UK, something we are very proud of, and it has dramatically increased operator safety as well as increasing production in highway barrier removal.  Aone+ estimate Barrier Master to be 5-10 times faster than current methods and safer.”

The safe removal of barrier posts has been a regular topic for discussion within the highways industry for many years. Several methods are currently used to remove barrier posts including the use of cranes, chains and ‘plate clamps’, all equipment designed for ‘lifting’, not for ‘pulling’. The ‘Barrier Master’ range are designed for purpose, a specific machine manufactured to perform a specific job.

Having originally been approached by several high profile highway contractors with the need for a  special purpose machine, Postpullers (UK) embarked on a mission to produce a solution for their concerns. It has taken many months of design and development to produce the end result. The attachments needed to be strong but also flexible to overcome different ground conditions, they need to be powerful but compact at the same time.

Above all else they needed to provide a safe solution for the extraction of posts. The end results are attachments which can be fitted to excavators, telehandlers, lorry mounted cranes and a host of other carriers. The company’s larger attachments are ideal for use on motorway or dual carriageway schemes where lots posts need to be removed, the smaller attachments are more suited to ‘crash damage’ and maintenance work where fewer of posts need to be removed, it is also ideal for lighting columns and other types of fencing.

“All of our machine and attachment range have a unique and common principle which is to transfer all the pulling forces down into the ground and not into the air, this enables two things; firstly it helps to ensure the machines are safe, for example if the structure of a post has previously been compromised through corrosion or has perhaps been damaged and then breaks in the removal process it will stay intact and not be ejected from the machine. Secondly our designs enable the machines to be hugely powerful as none of the force is transmitted through the carrier as we use the ground as a platform to extract the post in a controlled and safe way.” said Mr Archer.

Mr Archer added, “The ‘Barrier Master’ is fast too; in a recent demonstration 100 posts were removed in a little over 75 minutes. Posts removed were a mixture of extra long driven posts and posts with concrete footings, conservative estimates from AOne+ indicate this would take 6 ½ hours using most current practices.

Reliability is obviously important as well, the ‘Barrier Master’ has been 100 % reliable with no breakdowns recorded throughout testing or site demonstrations.”

The ‘Barrier Master ’ range will be at the Executive Hire Show in February 2017 (8th & 9th) Ricoh Arena Coventry.  

See the machine in action before the show -

SPS Launch the New Rhinox Range of Buckets

October 20, 2016

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Uni-tusk X1 - helping Utilities companies reduce cable strikes and reduce excavator bucket wear at the same time!

With a heritage that dates back to 1982, SPS has grown to become one of the UK’s leading supplier of Rubber Tracks and other associated wearing parts for small to medium sized earthmoving machines.  SPS is also a dealer for the Rhinox range of Excavator and Telehandler Buckets.

SPS is launching the latest Rhinox Buckets innovation which, according to SPS, will help Plant Hire companies and Utilities contractors save money and save lives! The Rhinox Buckets will be on show at the forthcoming Executive Hire Show in February 2017.

Dale Record, marketing director, SPS said, “ In recent times Utilities contractors have requested that all excavator buckets are supplied with the teeth removed to reduce the chance of cable strike.  Whilst this does help saves lives, it causes massive increase in wear to the bucket, causing a huge increase in maintenance costs for plant hire companies.”

Mr Record added, “The Rhinox Uni-tusk X1 is a unique innovation which creates a combined Tooth and Blade system which not only protects the bucket and significantly increases the product lifetime, but it also reduces the likelihood of a cable strike due to its profile. SPS are proud to be the main UK distributor and we look forward to be presenting this concept at the 2017 Executive Hire Show.”

The Executive Hire Show is taking place at the Ricoh Arena Coventry on 8th and 9th February 2017.  Put the dates in your diary now!  Miss it you’ll be missing out!

New Exhibitor CCL Components introduces new hybrid power system.

October 18, 2016

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Brand new exhibitor CCL Components will be exhibiting a new portable battery system which offers reduced costs with fuel and carbon-free power generation.  

CCL Components will be at the EHS for the first time in 2017.

CCL Components, one of the UK’s largest distributors of renewable energy systems and solutions, has developed a new portable hybrid power system which it believes will enhance the off-grid energy market and provide a myriad of benefits for a wide variety of industries. The company has chosen the EHS to introduce this new technology to the hire sector.

According to CCL, Powerplus is a flexible battery system which can be used alongside, or in place of, existing power generators to deliver major energy savings and reduced carbon emissions. With additional benefits of reduced noise pollution and significantly lower maintenance requirements, it has been estimated to deliver an average of 30-50% cost savings against conventional power generation models.

Recently launched, Powerplus resolves many limitations of conventional power generators, such as wasted energy, high running costs and air pollution, whilst enhancing power reliability and reducing fuel consumption.

Powerplus requires minimal connections, offering true flexibility for end users. Containing its own Power Assist mechanism, the unit can switch between itself and generator power in response to fluctuating power loads to protect the entire system from damage.

With an ability to accept a solar input, Powerplus can be used as a completely fuel-free power generator, depending on load profile.

Powerplus has the potential to enhance the off-grid energy sector by changing the way customers use power .

Glasgow-based CCL Components developed the new power system in response to a growing demand for low carbon and cost-effective power generation options for remote locations and grid-restricted areas. The idea for a commercially available hybrid power system was borne from one of CCL Components’ earlier projects in the military sector. It has invested heavily in research and development of the product, taking data from trials for products in military contexts and applying it to commercial challenges.

Paul Brooks, Operations Director of CCL Components, said: “While various countries increase their focus on reducing carbon emission and increasing their use of renewable energy, there remains a need for reliable power generation in remote locations and off-grid areas.

“We have designed Powerplus to address all of these concerns while also offering flexibility and costs savings for customers. We believe Powerplus will be perfectly suited to a wide variety of industries and situations such as construction sites, events, telecoms, small-scale renewables or remote off-grid locations.

“We truly believe Powerplus has the potential to enhance the off-grid energy sector by changing the way customers use power – essentially saving money and reducing the impact on the environment.”

Powerplus is CCL Components’ first own-developed product and is available in 6kVA, 10kVA, 18kVA and 30kVA models.

The Executive Hire Show is taking place at the Ricoh Arena Coventry on 8th and 9th February 2017.  Put the dates in your diary now!  Miss it you’ll be missing out!

Datatag at the Executive Hire Show with Micro-CESAR.

October 17, 2016

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New exhibitor, Datatag, is coming to the EHS in February 2017 with the company’s new ‘Security Identification System for Small Hand and Power Tools’ – Micro-CESAR.  

The new Datatag security system Micro-CESAR is set to make a huge impact in the fight against small tool theft following in the footsteps of the CESAR System which uses an array of Datatag security marking technology. The Executive Hire Show is the perfect platform to promote this system to visiting hirers and tool manufacturers.

Micro-CESAR, which was launched at the 8th CITS (Combined Industries Theft Solutions) Conference at the end of 2015, has already been evaluated by a number of leading manufacturers of small tools.

Like the official CESAR Scheme, Micro-CESAR uses Datatag security marking technology including a unique RFID tag and a tamper proof warning/registration label with an integrated QR code. Micro-CESAR and CESAR are designed to act as both a deterrent against theft and as an invaluable aid in recovery. CESAR, launched in 2007, has contributed to a 70%+ reduction in the theft of large construction equipment and Micro-CESAR is poised to make a similar impact protecting small construction tools and landscaping equipment such as power tools, cut-off saws, hand-held hydraulic breakers and compaction plates.

As an added bonus the technology used in the Micro-CESAR system can also be used as a stock management tool helping companies track tools in and out of jobs and allowing users to easily access on-line health and safety advice and user manuals through the unique QR code and mobile enabled Micro-CESAR website.

Thieves know that Datatagged property is simply too hot to handle, and once they see your property is protected they will usually go looking for an easier target.

Datatag will be on stand A10 in main hall.  The Executive Hire Show 2017 will be held on 8th and 9th February 2017 at the Ricoh Arena Coventry.  Put the dates in your diary – and don’t miss out on the hire event of the year!



The Executive Hire Show 2017 Kicks Off to a Great Start!

October 13, 2016

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The 11th Executive Hire Show (8th & 9th February 2017) exhibitor ‘Kick off’ meeting took place yesterday (11th October) at the event’s established home at the Ricoh Arena Coventry – in the heart of the Midlands.

Show Director Robert Aplin ‘kicked off’ proceedings to a large crowd of the 2017 Show exhibitors. He used his opening address to announce his retirement from the event after 10-years at the helm and introduced the Show’s new Event Director, Craig Donovan. The new Executive Hire Show owners, the Hemming Group Ltd, were also introduced to the delegates and the company’s group MD, Graham Bond was present to welcome the EHS exhibitors.

Mr Aplin said, “Having achieved the fantastic milestone of Celebrating 10 Shows earlier this year – an achievement I am immensely proud of – I have decided that the time is now right for me to have some more exciting adventures before it is too late!

“The time is right to hand over the reins to Craig Donovan and the rest of the EHS and EHN team – Emma Sandy, Alan Guthrie, and Mandy Rees – who are all eager to develop the businesses further. To help guide and support them, I am confident that I have identified an ideal financial and commercial partner in Hemming Group.”

Hemming is a privately run exhibition and publishing company, established nearly 125 years ago by the family that still owns the business today. Mr Aplin added, “Having worked with Hemming for two months now, it is obvious that it shares many of the values and ideals that we possess in running and developing successful operations. Hemming and Brintex manages a range of complementary publications and exhibitions – several of which are also hosted here at the Ricoh Arena – and brings a great wealth of experience to our industry.”

Craig Donovan, who has been the company’s Group Commercial Manager since 2012 will take over Robert Aplin’s role with the support of the rest of the EHS team. Mr Donovan said, “The last four-and-a-half years as Rob’s right-hand man have been tremendous. I have enjoyed being an integral part of the team, passionately driving the business forward and together making a difference every day.”

“I am really going to miss working with Rob. We, the EHS team, could never replace him, nor do we want to. He has successfully figure-headed the Show for 10-years, and after Rob’s coaching and guidance over our journey together, I am looking forward to do the same for at least the next 10-years!”

It was then down to business and Mr Donovan addressed the exhibitors with the very latest news about the 2017 Executive Hire Show where there are many new and exciting initiatives – EHS may only be a two-day event but its reach and its influence continue throughout the hire industry throughout the year.

The 2017 show has an impressive 152 exhibitors in the Main Hall and the Atrium to date, which means that these areas of the event are now already 98% sold out – by Christmas the EHS team is anticipating that these areas will be full! Of these exhibitors 24 so far are brand new to the event.

Potential exhibitors that have yet to book need not despair as a new area has been created – the ‘Hire Show Hall’ – where a direct link has been created from the Main Hall into the Lower Halls. The EHS team has confirmed that the construction of this new link is almost complete and they are now taking stand bookings for the new area.

“Bookings for the ‘Hire Show Hall’ are off to a good start with several new exhibitors already signed up.” said Mr Donovan. “Eagle eyed exhibitors within the main areas of the Show, wanting larger stands, have seen the potential in this new area and have already moved their stands to exhibit in this new space.”

The 2017 exhibitor list is looking very impressive – with the majority of the key players, in the hire industry taking stands. These include A & Y Equipment, Altrad Belle, Atlas Copco, Avant Tecno, Bomag, BTE Plant Sales, Doosan, Firefly Solar Generators, GenQuip, Greenmech, Hire Supply Company, Husqvarna, Ifor Williams, Knott-Avonride, Kubota, Leica, Mace Industries, Makita, Manitou, MHM Plant, Niftylift, Obart Pumps, Ridge Tools, Shindaiwa, Sumner, Thwaites, Topcon, Wilkinson Star, Yokota and Zenith.

The EHS would also like to extend a warm welcome to the brand new exhibitors that have committed to the 2017 event so far – these include: Astrak UK, AV Industrial Products, Camberwell Plant Hire, Briggs & Stratton, Castle Brooke Tools, CCL, CEMO, Datatag, Carrymate, EC Hopkins, North West Tools, FLEX, GGR Group, Harford Attachments, HTS, Identipro, Imex tools, Klingspor, Leach Lewis Rubber Tracks, Multiquip, National Flooring Equipment, Niftylift, Nightsearcher, Paragon Protection Systems, Russon Access, RVT Group, Stanley Handling, Tammet Systems, Trime (UK) & Van-Line.

The 2016 event attracted 1,851 relevant hire industry visitors. The EHS team has already begun its 2017 National Visitor Campaign, working for the fourth year in partnership with Hire Supply Co, utilising the expertise of Steve McKenzie, who will be travelling the country visiting Hire Depots to mobilise and excite hirers to attend the 11th annual event. EHS will also be working with Altrad Belle for the 2nd year running. The Altrad Belle team will also be visiting hire depots country wide to drum up visitor support for the Show. From mid-November, check out where the team have visited on the Show diary of the EHS website.

Back by popular demand is the Innovation Trail, first launched in 2013, as innovation continues to be an integral part of the Show. Al-Ko Kober, a manufacturer of chassis systems has already confirmed that the company will be sponsoring the Trail once again.

The Innovation Trail concept is simple. Ahead of the Show, all exhibitors are given the opportunity to submit details of an innovative product that they will be highlighting at the Show. Finalists will be selected in advance by a third party judging panel including independent hirers, and the EHS will highlight these products with a floor tile outside their stands so visitors can actively follow the Trail on their visit. All Finalists are then mystery shopped by the Judging panel and a third, second and first place are selected and announced the Show.

For the Show, there were thirty-three eligible entries. Products were assessed for addressing key industry issues like Health & Safety and their worthiness of inclusion in any hire fleet, as well as their innovative qualities. After the mystery shop at the last Show, the winning product of the Innovation trail was Morris Site Machinery’s PHT-140.

It’s free to apply, so Exhibitors who wish to for the Innovation trail at the next Show can do so soon, submitting their product details with an application form. Invites and instructions will be distributed next month, so get innovating.

Another initiative from the EHS team are the ‘Executive Hire Regional Road Shows’ which have been well received, now in their 3rd-year, local hire companies are invited to come along and see just what the EHS has to offer and can take advantage of special deals from participating suppliers, available only at these events. Details of these events can be found on the EHS website. Mr Donovan said, “Our Regional Road Shows are smaller taster events where we continue to bring hirers together at smaller local events. In June this year we hosted Brexit-themed Road Shows in the North West, West and Wales. Incidentally, both hirers and audience supported the decision to leave the EU.”

The 2017 EHS website is where visitors and exhibitors will find the latest news about the Show which will be updated on a regular basis between now and the February event. Visit Put the 8th and 9th February 2017 in your diary now – it’s one Show in the 2017 exhibition calendar you can’t afford to miss!

Seddons Plant & Engineers Takes Pre-Orders for New Honda 110V Portable Generators

March 4, 2016

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Exhibiting at the Executive Hire Show for the 10th year running proved to be fruitful for Seddons Plant & Engineers Ltd, as the company took pre-orders at the show for the two brand new Honda 110V Portable Generators.

The Honda EU10i and EU17i 110V models took pride of place on the Seddons Plant & Engineers Ltd stand and are available for purchase from the company’s branches nationwide in early March. As a result of the pre-orders placed at the Executive Hire Show, a number will be immediately delivered to hire companies who visited the company’s stand.

Seddons Plant &Engineers Takes Pre-Orders for New Honda 110V Portable Generators.

Stephen Seddon, Managing Director of Seddons Plant & Engineers Ltd said: “We had a great show with more visitors to our stand than in previous years. The first day was particularly busy and we had a lot of interest across our product range, especially from small to medium sized independent hirers. We used the Executive Hire Show as a platform to showcase our two new Honda 110V Portable Generators and this approach paid dividends due to the amount of pre-orders that were placed over the two days.”

The Honda EU10i model delivers 0.9kW of clean, quiet electricity to power sensitive equipment, whilst the Honda EU17i 110V delivers 1.7kW of smooth, clean power for more demanding applications. Well suited for tool hire and the Emergency Services in particular, the Honda EU10i and Honda EU17i are ultra-quiet in operation and the fully enclosed, sound reducing casing keeps noise down to just 52 decibels at 7 metres, which is quieter than normal conversational speech. Rubber feet minimise vibration and movement and Honda’s state-of-the-art Inverter technology allows the EU10i and EU17i to remain much smaller and lighter than comparable models, allowing them to be super portable and carried with ease.

The smaller EU10i model is just 13kg in weight and is powered by an efficient Honda 4-stroke engine with a 2.1 litre fuel tank. Honda’s unique EcoThrottle extends fuel economy further by allowing the generator to idle, speeding up only when there is demand for more power. This feature cuts down noise and fuel use, saving users money as well as giving extended periods of power without refuelling. The EU10i model provides 8.3 hours running time on a single tank and is suitable for powering all sorts of power tools and machinery, including sensitive electronic equipment.

The EU17i is powerful enough to run larger equipment, yet at 21kg it can be carried with ease. Powered by a Honda 4-stroke engine with a 3.6 litre fuel tank, it runs for over 10 hours on a single tank of fuel, ensuring minimal fuel costs and maximum engine life. Like the EU10i, the unique EcoThrottle runs only as fast as the load demands, improving fuel consumption and extending engine life.

Dormer Plant Hire invests in A&Y Machines at the 2016 Executive Hire Show.

February 22, 2016

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During the 2016 Executive Hire Show, A&Y regional sales manager Richard Johnston sold Dormer Plant Hire six new excavators. This order is made up of two x SV08 (1035kg micro), ViO17 (1765 zero tail swing micro) and ViO33 (3365kg zero tail swing mini) The SV08 and ViO17 were showcased on the A&Y stand.

Pictured Left tot Right. Matthew Dormer – Richard Johnston – Tony Cox. In a deal struck at the EHS 2016 Dormer Plant Hire invests in A&Y Equipment

MD Matthew Dormer said of the order “We are looking forward to taking delivery of these new machines. We have found the current Yanmars to be very reliable and a popular choice for local hirers.”

Also on display at the Executive Hire Show was the Cormidi C6.50 tracked dumper. These caught the eyes of the Dormer team who are looking to move away from their current larger carriers that don’t allow for narrow access like the Cormidi does. Another benefit to Dormer is the way this dumper works hand in hand with the SV08, both fitting through a standard doorway for example.

Dormer Plant Hire is the largest independent hire centre in Redditch – the company runs a variety of machines in the construction and agriculture sectors and its fleet includes a number of Ammann and Yanmar products. Currently over 30 Ammann plate compactors and 5 tandem rollers are complimented by 17 Yanmar excavators.

Mike Brown, A&Y’s marketing manager said, “Thank you to the Executive Hire Show for giving the opportunity to exhibit our products to so many relevant people.”

2016 Executive Hire Show

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We are delighted to confirm that the 2016 Executive Hire Show attracted 1,851 relevant hire industry visitors.

This net figure for Celebrating Show 10 does not include non-exhibiting suppliers and various component manufacturers, as well as a number of other categories like training providers, asset financiers and recruitment parasites. Press and PR personnel have also been omitted.

The total number of unique visitors scanned was 2,495 and this figure also excludes all exhibitor personnel.

The Show attracted senior executives and procurement teams from all leading national hirers, sadly, with the continued exception of HSS.

Obviously, having not organised its Conference to coincide with the Show this time, the number of A-Plant executives fell to 51. With 66 visitors, Speedy represented this year’s largest hirer group to attend the Show.

In particular, Brandon, GAP and Hire Station continue to support our national event in significant numbers.

However, 83% of all relevant hire industry visitors were from independent operations, confirming the pivotal role of local and regional hirers in the on-going success of the Show.

Earlier today, we sent an e-mail inviting you to take part in our Exhibitor Questionnaire. Please complete and return it by close of play next Thursday, 25 February.

We welcome all constructive comments on how we can further develop our industry’s Show in the years ahead.

If you missed the announcement during last Wednesday’s Party night, we have confirmed the dates of the next THREE Shows. The dates are:

  • Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 February 2017
  • Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 February 2018
  • Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 February 2019

The Exhibitor Questionnaire also invites you to comment on our planned Multi-Year Re-Booking initiative.

We’re hoping to sit down with the Ricoh Arena before Easter to negotiate our future tenancy at the venue and we’ll update on all our plans during the month of April.

On behalf of the Executive Hire team, many thanks for your continued support.

Best wishes

Robert Aplin

Ten Years of the Executive Hire Show in Pictures…

February 19, 2016

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The EHS team have put together Ten Years of the Executive Hire Show in Pictures for your viewing pleasure… Please feel to share…

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